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Why the contemporary education is unfortunate to miss the best of Fine Art studies

foreign_studies_pic01_2The failure in broader understanding of education or its purpose is obvious when it lacks the due creativity. Even to talk on the contemporary note of professionalism that emphasises more on opportunities, it is important to have it in mid that no opportunity is possible without creativity. It’s a simple concept though; put someone through the track about which he/she is natively talented for better productivity. In fact, art is nothing but the expression of any creativity in a unique fashion.

The problem behind the perception that says the studies of fine arts lack professional worth or opportunity is not realising its broader context. On straightforward note, it’s the time for education system to prepare curriculum that blends technology and classic fine art studies with perfection.

The expanding opportunity of the art:

convention-1410870_1920It’s astonishing actually to find people still seeing fine arts education with conventional eye missing opportunities. Starting from music, painting, photography to even the crafts, all these have become strong business interest. In fact, these niches are trading in millions. An era dominated by the web and technology, the scope of art is not confined within the boundaries of any state or nation; you can showcase your talent or uniqueness on global platforms in no time, and with minimal expense.

A practical dig:

T&L LandingThere is no clue for the student to understand neither about its promotional or technological aspects. For example, taking the case of drama, it gets limited only within the school/college annual day celebration. On the other hand, the time has come to let these people to get a hands-on with at least a documentary preparation. Similarly, every institution should conduct photography exhibitions, as of the very common science exhibitions. These people should be definitely taught about the technicalities involved in contemporary photography. In concurrence, the students need to be made aware of the platforms those have been inspiring about a particular art form. Moreover, it’s like a must for all educational bodies to teach people about the career paths/options involved with a fine art study.

Scope is already there; it just needs to be taken

An unfortunate fact revealed according to a recent study that says about twenty percent public schools prefers to omit the fine art studies claiming the budget as a concern. Such claims are hard to accept in an era where arranging sponsorship for talent is pretty inspiring. Rather, lack of interest can be cited as one of the prominent reasons behind the above scenarios.


The same study also has to claim that there are a few other educational centres those claim lack of quality tutor is the reason behind fine arts missing from study curriculum. This can be a valid claim though. At least, those who are already successful (professionally) with an art form should definitely come forward in the process of its spread.


Importance and Benefits of Education



Importance and Benefits of Education

Many of us are just a literate and most of us are educated, but being literate and being educated does not mean the same rather they both have a very different meaning in practical life. The term literate means only to read and write where as being educated means to have knowledge about essential things of life as well as to implement that knowledge in your reading and writing. Education, not only is important for an individual, but it is equally important for the growth of the country. The more educated the citizens of a country become, the more the country grows and develops.

Benefits of Education:

  1. Social Importance:

class-377117_1920Having a better economic status is not always sufficient to stand in the society. Moreover, your status can’t buy educational teachings. When we stand in the society we are mainly judged by our ethics and educational backgrounds, but in some places the economic status matters, here also if you educational qualities are not neck to neck with your economic status then you will not be getting importance in the society. So to make a presence and identity in the society you need to be properly educated.


  1. Generates Reasoning:

StudyEngineering-Germany-e1357728126383Whenever we stand amongst a group of people due to human nature different talks and conversations starts to initiate. You need to be an active participant in those conversations and talks and if you tend to be quiet and numb, then it simply shows a lack of confidence and knowledge, this in turn becomes an embarrassing situation. So, by being educated you have a certain amount of definite knowledge which helps you to be an active member of a group.


  1. Experience to the world:

With the help of education you become aware about the different things from the corners of the world and moreover, you gradually develop a tendency of being up to date with all the happenings around the world, this quality developed by the help of education helps an individual to gather a huge amount of knowledge. This knowledge is very helpful for the individual to sustain in day to day lifestyle. Moreover, by being open to the outer world always keeps you confident about the things and thus it also improves your personality.


  1. Character Build Up:

IMG_2018Education helps us to build a specific type of character which is very important for any person to live a happy life. The character of an individual is like a mirror of the qualities of the person and this also makes you likable amongst the other people. The character becomes stronger when you are educated well and when you are strong in your character you gradually develop more qualities of life.

So, from this we can easily make out that education is actually very important to live a proper lifestyle and more over the proper education of all the citizens of a country helps the country to grow more and develop to a whole new level. Education is a vast segment of life, the more you get educated the easier life becomes for you.